Remnant: From the Ashes is on sale!

That’s right, my favorite game of the last 3 years is on sale right now! This amazing game will run you only $32 on Xbox and $28 on Steam. I will not link to the PS4 version as unfortunately I had not tried it, before posting my original review. I have since tried it and have had some extreme slowdown issues with the game, so I can no longer recommend it for that platform.

I’ll throw out some more tips for new players since I’ve been playing it a lot recently:

  • If you’re rolling a male character, select Voice 1. Do NOT select Voice 4, no matter how good the preview sounds.
  • Disable Camera Bob. Your stomach will thank me later.
  • Turn up the default Horizonal and Vertical Aiming Sensitivity, and optionally the Scope H & Z Sensitivity if you find you can’t track enemies quickly enough while Aiming Down Sights (ADS).
  • When in doubt, dodge. If you know enemies are behind you and you just finished off an enemy in front of you, dodge and swivel the camera around so you can see the remaining enemies.

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