I’m (Back) on Mastodon

I have actually switched some time ago, but it’s a good time to point to my Mastodon Profile where I still (occasionally) post useful or interesting things. I had an instance in the past, but general fatigue of Social Networks made it stick this time, and I’m quite happy with the result. Mastodon feels like what the web felt like before 2000. Regular people putting out information they find interesting, and no corporate manipulation or obsessive monetization where ‘you are the product’.

Ironically though, what Mastodon really needs are people who are constantly publishing new content, whereas I generally use Social Media as consuming information.

Why is Mastodon great? Well it is a Federated space and comes with all the benefits of such. You can join a community of like-minded people to share ideas, rather than have “the algorithm” decide what (and apparently who everyone) should follow, which turns out to be somewhere between somewhat and highly based, depending on what billionaire currently owns the company.

I’ll throw out some other active Mastodon posters you should definitely follow:

Mastodon is a very non-commercial stack, which as a FOSS devotee I find very refreshing. I do plan to have a ‘FOSS in 2023 is better than you think’ article penned soon, and writing it here to hold myself to that.

Anyway that’s it, Share and Enjoy!

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