Games I almost completely love: SpellRogue (on sale to boot)

A new series

I’ve actually been trying to write this review for some time. I originally wanted to contrast it with Balatro, which is one of those games which seems to have taken over the indie and deckbuilder communities, and seems to be loved by virtually anyone, myself included. But I think that’s a bit pointless, especially at this point. After all, SpellRogue hews closer to Slay The Spire after all, so let’s talk about it from that perspective.

To be clear up front (aka tl;dr): I like this game quite a bit. I’ll discuss what I think are minor flaws or drawbacks with it, but in general it’s very good and worth a try.

The good news about…

A new version of CMatrix? On *my* blog?

It’s more likely than you think.

So as I said, I would push more updates. Since I have been re-homing my skills, I decided to tear apart the old CMatrix code and remove a lot of crufty stuff, including the need for all the ancillary fonts / utilities to see the symbols and the rather ugly default of standard Roman/English alphabet characters. I also added a pre-calculation option (-p) to see if it can improve performance on older or lower-end systems.

In order to accomplish this streamlining, this version does require ncursesw, AKA ncurses with wide-character support, in order to work. Given how long this has been around, I hope it won’t be too onerous of a requirement.

NB: This …

OK, I’ll update more frequently…

I’ve been a bit of a perfectionist with my posts, to the effect of not ever posting anything it seems. I’ll do a bit better here and may post a few post fragments occasionally. I’ll just post to Mastodon/Twitter the larger ones. This is a blog after all!

Interesting reading I did recently: Installing Nix in a Qubes AppVM. Qubes and Nix together, it’s like chocolate and peanut butter – so perfect!

For those that haven’t given Nix a try, you don’t have to run the actual distribution (NixOS), it actually runs on almost every Linux distribution and each user can have their own setup. It’s quite incredible. Here is some intro documentation on Nix to whet your palate. …

Internet Money Wallet Review: So Far So Good As a Wallet For Pulsechain Tokens and Swaps 👍


  • Good support for Pulsechain tokens, and displaying prices in-wallet
  • Supports swaps in-wallet and uses multiple DEXes to shop for the best deal
  • Allows passive income of PLS token fees from swaps by holding T.I.M.E token in-wallet
  • Supports both Chrome and mobile devices


  • Much less well known compared to MetaMask
  • Despite 2 external code audits, some default OpSec choices I don’t like (e.g. default unlimited spend limit)
  • Slower to load balances, often requires a manual refresh to get up-to-date balances
  • No Firefox extension

If you are a user on PulseChain (or want to be), you have probably struggled with finding a good wallet for self-custody. Obviously the best wallet for any significant amount of coin is a hardware wallet …

Hello again

Hello. Just a quick note that I’m going to try and push out some reviews/articles this weekend/next week.

Unfortunately I finally was bitten by the COVID bug as of Saturday, so it’s been a slow recovery. Even today 6 days later I still don’t feel the best.

Personal updates: no longer with Google. Made it almost 13 years. Trying to focus on the positive and how good things were for so long, and not how bad the end was. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn if you are a former colleague. …

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